Thursday, November 11, 2010

Roses Are Red, Violets Are Blue

It's an incredibly beautiful November day today in west Michigan. Sunshine, temps in the mid-60's, still some color left on the trees. God is so creative, and every time I make my feeble little attempt at being creative too, I feel my kinship with Him all over again. Consider the colors of His world: flowers, rainbows, even trees and grass are varied shades of green (or in my backyard, brown where George Bailey plays). But I love the color blue. It always makes me smile, and it seems so peaceful and unassuming. There's lots of agreement on the pleasanter characteristics of blue: blue chip stocks, true blue (THANK YOU, VETERANS!), bluebirds of happiness, and nothin' but blue skies. Of course, there are those who would disagree: the baby blues, singin' the blues, the blue flu, and a blue Christmas without you.

Once again I've taken a little step outside my personal "box". No flowers this time, no pearls, no embossing. Just circles, all in blue, just because I like it. and, believe it or not I saw several challenges to enter this card!

If The Shoe Fits                                  the color blue
Totally Stampalicious                          blue
Crafty Creations                                buttons  (lower right-hand corner)
Gingersnap Creations                         sewing notions (2 buttons in corner)
Moving Along With The Times           nice & bright (wash away Autumn Blues!)
Daring Cardmakers                            colors of topaz (blue)
Raise the Bar                                    curves
If the Shoe Fits                                  blue

How cool is that??!!! See? It really is a wonderful day!